More on the Floor

By Charlie Fenton

A1(8) Gents allemande left 1 1/2 and give right hand to partner to make a wave of four
(4) Balance the wave
(4) Partners allemande right 3/4, take hands in long waves (gents facing in, ladies facing out)
A2(4) Balance the wave right and left
(4) Slide right one place and make a new wave (as in Rory O'More)
(4) Balance this wave left and right
(4) Slide left one place
B1(16) Partners balance and swing
B2(8) Circle left 1 1/4
(8) Neighbors swing

Author's Notes:
I wrote this at the same time as "Four and More."

Editor's Notes:
The timing in B2 is a goal, not a requirement. Giving weight and keeping the circle small helps.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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