Nantucket Sleigh Ride

By Kirston Koths
Composed 1976

SourceLarry Jennings, "Zesty Contras"
Leveleasy (assigned by the editor)
A1(16) Neighbors balance and swing
A2(6) 1's down the center, but not too far
(2,4) 1's turn alone and come back
(4) 1's hand cast off around the 2's
B1(16) "Ride the waves": all face up taking inside hands with partner; 1's arch and go forward while the 2's back through, then the 2's arch and go forward while the 1's back through; repeat
B2(8) Partners dosido
(8) Left-hand star
To end the dance replace B2 with partners swing.

Author's Notes:
This dance was written in following a wonderful boat ride to Nantucket Island. The dance goes with Teetotaler's, if it is not possible to use the title tune. Also try Mitton's Hornpipe in a medley.

Editor's Notes:
Needs room along the set.
Larry Jennings notes that a "Nantucket sleigh ride" is a whaler's dory being towed by a whale.

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