Pieces of Eight

By Mike Richardson
Composed September 22, 1989

SourceMike Richardson, "Crossing the Cascades" and CDSS "Gems"
Levelhard (assigned by the editor)
TypeContra-Double Progression
A1(16) Double full figure eight, 1's cross down between the 2's to start
A2(4) Pass through along the line, 1's splitting the 2's
This is the first progression
(4) New neighbors mirror image allemande (1's split 2's, gents by the right, ladies by the left)
(8) 1's swing
B1(16) Neighbors balance & swing
B2(8) Circle left
(8) 1's half figure eight up through the 2's

Author's Notes:
Of the dances I have written, this is the one of which I am the most proud. The keynote figure in this dance is the transition from a half figure 8 into a double full figure 8, hence the title. This dance is very smooth and flowing and is not hard to teach other than teaching the double full figure 8. I generally teach it with a four person demonstration set. First I remind them of what a half figure 8 is -- then my demo partner and I continue the figure to form a full figure 8. I then demonstrate the path that the 2's trace through the figure. Next, I let the 1's try the figure while the 2's stand still. Then I have the 1's stand still and let the 2's do the move. Finally, I have them both do the moves at the same time. Usually this gets the idea across to about 70-80% of the dancers, which is an acceptable level of dance triage in some areas.
I got the idea for this dance from a dance called "Hat's Off to Larry", written by Penn Fix, of Spokane, Washington. It is a simple and elegant dance with a double full figure 8 and first opened my eyes to the possibilities of that figure.

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