Road Less Travelled, The

By Kathy Anderson
Composed 1995

Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Neighbors dosido 1 1/4 to a wave of four (ladies in center)
(4) Balance the wave
(4) Walk forward to a make a new wave
A2(4) Balance the new wave
(6) Allemande right 1/2 and return home to end with gents facing out, ladies facing in
(6) Three changes of a hey: neighbors pass right. ladies pass left, partners pass right
B1(4) Gents allemande right
(12) Partners swing
B2(8) Ladies chain
(8) Left-hand star

Editor's Notes:
In A2 return home by moving along the set, gents on the inside, then 1/4 gypsy your neighbor until gents face out, ladies face in. All this is one big smooth loop.
Collected from Kathy Anderson September, 1995.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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