Settlement Swing

By Penn Fix
Composed 1982

SourcePenn Fix "Contradancing in the Northwest"
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Neighbors dosido, end in a wave with gents facing out, ladies facing in
(4) Balance the wave
(4) Turn the right-hand person (your neighbor) by the right
A2(4) Turn the left-hand person by the left
(12) Neighbors swing
B1(16) Ladies chain over and back
B2(16) 1's balance and swing

Author's Notes:
Background: Larry Jennings wrote a wonderful dance, "Spalleiminer II", that used the move described in the A section of the dance. By surrounding it with easier moves, "Settlement Swing" makes it more accessible to a wider range of dancers. The dance is named for the Settlement Road School house where we used to dance in Priest River, Idaho.

Editor's Notes:
Warning: some end effects. See also the dance "More Again".

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