There's a First Time for Everything

By Steve Zakon-Anderson
Composed August, 1995

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Circle left
(8) Neighbors dosido 1 1/4 to a wave of four (ladies in the center, 1's facing down)
A2(4) Balance the wave
(8) Half hey, neighbors allemande right 1/4 and pass right shoulders to start, ladies meet by the left shoulder and allemande left 1/4 to end in a new wave
(4) Balance the wave
B1(4) Neighbors allemande right 1/4 and gents cross passing left shoulders
(12) Partners swing
B2(8) Long lines go forward and back
(6) Circle left 3/4
(2) Pass through along the line

Author's Notes:
Betty and I were at Pinewoods and Larry and Ashley were there with their daughter Casey, who was one year old. Larry found out that I had never changed a diaper and felt it was high time I learned. But he didn't just let me change any diaper, he waited for a particularly smelly one.

Editor's Notes:
Collected from Steve Zakon, January 30, 1997

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