Turn Becket Corners

By Mitchell S. Frey
Composed May 13, 1995

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(16) Gents (!) turn contra corners. Your first corner is to the right of your neighbor gent (far away); your second corner is your neighbor, who is directly across.
A2(4) Gents allemande right
(12) Neighbors swing
B1(8) Ladies chain (to your partner)
(8) Right and left through on the left diagonal (this is the progression)
B2(8) New ladies dosido
(8) Partners swing

Author's Notes:
First Called: 13 May 1995, Helena, MT Country Dance
Music: Reel
Some pointers on teaching and dancing it:
1. A1 is asymmetrical! The men must travel further to their 1st corner then to their 2nd corner.
2. It is up to the women to keep the lines straight, so one is across from their minor couple.
3. The allemande in A2 is quick! Which allows a longer neighbor swing. Actually it's the same tempo as the turns in contra corners -- 4 steps. Stress this during the walk through, or the neighbor swing will be short.
5. The women may need to help orient their partners after the swing in B2 so the men can find their 1st corner in A1. (The men seem to like this. :-)
Alternate, easier B2: new neighbors circle left, partners swing

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