Twirling at the Altar

By Steve Zakon-Anderson
Composed June, 1988

Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
TypeContra-Double Progression
A1(6) Circle left 3/4
(10) Neighbors swing
A2(8) Gents allemande left 1 1/2
(8) Gents keep holding on, scoop up your partner and star promenade across and back out to place
B1(6) Left diagonal hey with new neighbors, 3 changes, ladies pass right shoulders to start, gents pass right shoulders to end. If there is nobody on the left diagonal, stay put.
(2) Partners allemande left until gents face across (approx. 1/2)
(8) With new neighbors across half hey, gents pass right shoulders to start
B2(16) Partners balance and swing
Face the ones across (who you heyed across with) ready to circle left 3/4

Author's Notes:
Written for the wedding of Janet Peters and Robert Mills in New Jersey.
Make sure the allemande in B2 doesn't turn into anything else (such as a courtesy turn or a twirl). There just isn't time for anything else.
There is time for the good dancers to end the star promonade with a butterfly whirl , but it is more important to start the hey on time.

Editor's Notes:
Collected from Larry Edelman October, 1990.

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