Unexpected Pleasure, #2

By Carol Ormand
Composed September 13, 1992

SourceCarol Ormand's web site http://www.geo.umn.edu/people/grads/cfo
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1Start in a wave with women in the center, neighbors holding right hands
(4) Balance the wave
(12) Hey along your line: pass 1st neighbor by the right, #2 by the left, gypsy with #3, pass #2 by the left again and end facing your original neighbor (with the 1's below the 2's).
Note: at the ends go around to the other line (as if the set were connected at the ends like a bicycle chain).
A2(8) Original foursome circle left
(8) Ladies chain (to partner)
B1(4) Pass through across the set
(12) Partners swing
B2(8) Promenade across
(6) Circle left 3/4
(2) Pass through along the line (to a new wave)

Author's Notes:
About the title..... no, I think it's better steeped in mystery..... :) I will say that I wrote it on a road trip, as I have so many of my dances. I wrote three dances on this particular drive back from Maine, all with the same initial figure.
I've been known to do one of these dances with hands in A1, which makes them much more accessible to less experienced dance groups.

Editor's Notes:
When you begin the hey along the line you are already standing right shoulder to right shoulder with your neighbor. Hence the initial pass is almost nonexistant. When you come back do not pass your neighbor.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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