Bastille Day's Eve

By Mitchell S. Frey
Composed July 13, 1989

Leveleasy-med (assigned by the editor)
TypeContra-Double Progression
A1(8) Neighbors allemande left 1 1/2; gents turn a bit more to face across
(8) Partners dosido
A2(4,12) 1's balance and swing; end facing down
This is the first progression
B1(6) New neighbors go down the hall four in line (1's between the 2's)
(2,8) Turn alone and come back
B2(8) Circle right
(8) Right-hand star

Author's Notes:
Music: Any Reel
This dance was written the day before the two hundredth anniversary of the French revolution. That is the only connection it has with France.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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