Fast Living

By David Kirchner

SourceCDSS News #125, 1995 and David Kirchner's web site
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
TypeDouble Contra
FormationFour Facing Four
A1(8) Lines of four go forward and back
(8) Ladies grand chain, end facing across
A2(16) Hey, ladies pass right shoulders to start
B1(16) With that one balance and swing (the one to whom you chained)
B2(4) Gents left-hand star 1/2 (to your partner)
(12) Partners swing

Author's Notes:
The best way I have found to orient the dancers for the hey is to tell them before beginning the walkthrough that they have a trail buddy -- the person of the same sex in their line of four. When teaching the ladies chain, I tell dancers to end the courtesy turn facing their trail buddy. Trail buddies will always pass each other in the middle of the hey. Watch for gentlemen to be disoriented at the start of the B2.
The title of the dance grew from the fact that there were intially two versions of this dance, one of which included a gypsy. So I called this version "Easy Living" and the one with the gypsy "Fast Living" (both are titles of jazz songs). But I discovered that Al Olson had already composed a dance called "Easy Living", and I decided that the version with the gypsy didn't work too well. So I gave the leftover dance the leftover title.

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