Mimi's Mom's

By Kathy Anderson

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
TypeDouble Contra
FormationFour Facing Four
A1(8) Lines of four go forward and back
(4) All pass through and cross trail through
(4) Swing the one you meet
End in square formation
A2(8) Head couples right and left through
Note that your partner is in corner position
(8) Head couples right-hand star
B1(4) Partners allemande left and face the one you swung
(6) 3 changes of a right and left grand
(6) Partners see-saw
B2(4,12) Partners balance and swing; end facing your original direction

Author's Notes:
I wrote this on the way home from a great weekend in Dallas, where we enjoyed wonderful hospitality at Mimi Roger's Mom's hacienda. The cross trail to the swing leaves the heads with an ultra-short swing, as they need to move on to B1, but the sides can cheat and swing longer. This works well to a C-rag or march.

Editor's Notes:
Collected from the author September, 1995.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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