9 Pin


Leveleasy (assigned by the editor)
FormationSquare plus 1 in center
(8) Heads circle left (around the 9-pin); make life interesting for the 9-pin
(8) Sides circle left
(8) Heads sashay up/down, passing to the right of the 9-pin; sashay back on the other side
(8) Sides sashay across and back (across to right, back on the other side)
note: sashay as far as you want in the time allotted
(8) 9-pin swing with one member of couple 1; the other person go to the center and circle alone
(8) 9-pin go onto couple 2 and repeat; now two people are circling in the center
(8) 9-pin onto couple 3
(8) 9-pin onto couple 4
(8) 9-pin join the center ring and circle left
(...) Circle right, star, whatever
(16) BREAK AND SWING: the centers find somebody to swing; odd person out is the new 9-pin. A signal such as a whistle is sometimes used.

Editor's Notes:
Collected from Mike Richardson April, 1993

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
Added to database 11/17/1996; last revised 3/5/1999; edited by Russell Owen