A Better Blend

By Gene Hubert
Composed August, 1996

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site http://www.kcomputing.com/contra
TypeSquare-Keeper, H S H S
AHeads promenade 3/4
Sides pass through
All swing the one you meet...
B...continue the swing
End in lines at the sides
Forward and back
CEnds (heads) to the middle and circle left
Heads pass through
Split the sides
Go round one to lines
DLines go forward and back
Lines pass through
Centers arch
Ends (heads) dive through
EHeads right-hand star 3/4
Allemande left corner
Swing partner

Author's Notes:
I was trying to combine elements of Ed Gilmore's "Ends Turn In" with Roger Whynot's "Swing to a Line."
When the heads go in to circle in phrase C the sides are left standing on the "wrong" side of their partner. It is somewhat better if they swap places at this point, but if they don't the dance will still work and eventually fix things nicely.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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