Ashley's Star

By Bob Dalsemer

SourceBob Dalsemer's web site
A1(8) Partners allemande right 1 1/2, hold on, give left to the next to form an alamo ring with gents facing out
(4) Balance
(4) With the left hand person allemande left
A2(8) Partners dosido
(8) Ladies left-hand star; keep the star and scoop up partner
B1(6) Star promenade about 1/2 way around
(2) Gents cast back (to their right)
(8) Swing the lady behind
B2(8) Into the center and back
(8) Circle left to the gents' home

Author's Notes:
Repeat figure 3 more times with introduction, middle break and ending of the caller's choice. Composed for the wedding of Larry Edelman and Ashley Faber.

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