Bells of Montague

By Penn Fix
Composed 1989

SourcePenn Fix "Contradancing in the Northwest"
Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Long lines go forward and back
(8) Ladies chain on the left diagonal
A2(16) 7 changes of a hey across the set, ladies pass right shoulders to start. When the gents pass the second time they turn right to join a wave of four on the left diagonal.
B1(4) Balance the wave
(4) Gents allemande right 1/2 and re-form the wave (partner in left hand)
(4) Balance again
(4) Partners allemande left, end facing across
B2(4) Pass through across the set (with couple slightly on right diagonal)
(12) Partners swing

Author's Notes:
Dancing Tips: If there is no one to chain with on the diagonal, do not chain but wait for the hey. In the hey, the men pass by each other for the second time, the seventh change, into a line of four on the left diagonal. The people involved are the same ones who danced the ladies chain in A1. Men work their way to their partners and finish with an allemande turn. Men have to turn by themselves a little bit more in order to face across. The pass through is done with the couple that is on a slight diagonal right. Once they have passed through they turn to face their partners and swing. Couples resting out at the top should stay as a couple on the caller's left and at the bottom on the caller's right.
Background: After calling the Greenfield, Massachusettes dance, I spent the night at David Kaynor's home in the small community of Montague. David didn't warn me about the church next door. Its bells rang on the half hour throughout the night. No wonder I awoke with this dance in my mind. The tune (in the book), "A-Mary-Cay The Beautiful", is written for Mary Cay Brass who plays piano with David. Composer Mark Simos played off the Irish pronunciation of "America the Beautiful" in his dedication, much to the embarrassment of Greenfield's finest piano player! She made him rename it "Brass's Reel", but I made no such promise!

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