Blacksburg Express

By Gene Hubert
Composed February, 1997

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site
TypeSquare-Keeper, H S H S
AHeads right and left through
Head ladies chain
BAll go forward and back
All roll away with a half sashay two people
CSwing the next person you meet (#3)
Now swing the second person you rolled away with
DLines at the sides go forward and back
Ends (heads) right-hand star 3/4 while centers (sides) trade
EAllemande left corner
Swing partner

Author's Notes:
In the rollaways the gent will move the lady on his right side to his left side as he takes her place. It is most helpful to have dancers note the second person they roll away with for future reference. Also it helps much to tell the dancers that the second swing in phrase C is back the other way from that in which you have been progressing on the rollaways.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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