Festival Express

By Gene Hubert
Composed January, 1997

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site http://www.kcomputing.com/contra
TypeSquare-Mixer, H S S H
AHeads go forward and back
Head ladies chain
BAll four ladies chain while gents move right one spot around the square to courtesy turn a lady
Promenade 1/2
CGents left-hand star 3/4
Swing the one you meet (heads with partner sides with opposite)
(D and E are only needed every other time)
DFace in and swing corner
Allemande left next corner 1 1/2
EPromenade 3/4 to the man's home (heads with opposite sides with partner)

Author's Notes:
The first part of this dance is based on Tony Parkes' dance "Festival Square."
A very strange thing happens with the progression in this dance. Do A - E as above with the head couples active. Then start the pattern at phrase A with the sides active. At the end of phrase C everyone will get their partner back for the swing. At that point you may promenade home. Because of the unusual progression do the pattern as H-S-S-H.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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