Beneficial Tradition

By Dan Pearl

SourceCDSS News #114, 1993
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
TypeContra-Double Progression
A1(4) Ladies allemande left, then take right hands with partner to form a wave of 4
(4) Balance forward and back
(8) Partners swing
A2(6) Circle left 3/4
(10) Neighbors swing
B1(8) Ladies chain (to partner)
(8) Long lines go forward and back
B2(4) With the one across (opposite sex), pull by left (!) and turn alone
(4) With the one on the right diagonal (same sex) pull by right and turn alone
(8) Repeat
Note: if there's nobody to pull by with, stay where you are!

Author's Notes:
This dance was composed in honor of the Dance Musician's Development Fund annual benefit dance. The title gives a nod to Pat's Tradition, an English country dance for three couples which has a similar gimmick to the one used in B2.

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