Inverted Express

By Gene Hubert
Composed December, 1995

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site
TypeSquare-Keeper, H S H S
AHeads go forward and back
Heads lead right
Circle 1/2
Sides arch heads dive through
BHeads circle left 1/2 in the middle
Heads swing opposite out to the woman's home spot
Heads go forward and back
CHeads square through two hands to swing the one you meet at the side
DLines at the sides go forward and back
Heads right-hand star 3/4
EHeads allemande left with partner's corner
All swing at home

Author's Notes:
The sides may swing their partner in phrase B. This is a little weird. At the end of phrase D the heads are home except for being in their partner's position. So why not just do the allemande left with your partner's corner? Of course the sides will be doing it with their corner's partner.

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