Lavender Moon

By Gene Hubert

SourceGene Hubert, "More Dizzy Dances, vol. III"
Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
TypeSquare-Keeper, H S H S
A(4) H/S ladies cross the set
(12) Swing your opposite (everybody can swing)
B(4,4) H/S square through two; with the S/H circle left 1/2
(4) Pass through (note: S california twirl to face back in)
(4) Center four circle left 1/2
C(4) Pass through
(12) Swing with the S/H
D(8) Lines at the S/H go forward and back
(4,4) Center 4 box the gnat; then right-hand star 3/4
E(4) With your corner allemande left
(12) Swing your partner
F(16) Promenade

Editor's Notes:
Call for heads, sides, heads, sides.

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