Shoot the Moon

By Gene Hubert
Composed February, 1997

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site
Levelvery easy (assigned by the editor)
Gents star left once around
Partners star promonade
Ladies turn back and swing the gent behind
Repeat three more times to get original partner back.

Author's Notes:
It also works to have the women star right in the middle to a star promenade and then have the men turn back to swing the next woman. Since the progression is the same, you can mix and match these in any order.
This is the simplest and surest of the breaks and would probably work with any crowd. I advise the dancers on the outside to put their arm on
the shoulder of the person they are promenading with. I like to hold the swings to 8 counts, but 16 is ok too. When the outside dancers are turning back to swing the next, you can call "Shoot the Moon" to great critical

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