Silver Charger

By Gene Hubert
Composed May, 1996

SourceRobert Cromartie's web site
TypeSquare-Keeper, H S H S
AHeads go forward and back
Heads cross trail through
Go around one while the sides step forward
All swing the one you meet...
B...continue the swing
*sides* go forward and back
C*sides* circle left 3/4 and pass through
Swing the one you meet at the head
Face into your square
DAllemande left corner 1 1/2
All four ladies chain
EHead ladies chain
Heads cross trail through
Go round one while the sides step forward
FAll swing the one you meet (partner)...
F...continue the swing
Promenade home

Author's Notes:
In B all will swing their original opposite. In B and C the original heads are now at the sides. The best way to deal with this is that the heads temporarily become sides. So *sides* above refers to the couple currently at the sides which is the original heads. It works.
Named after my Peugeot station wagon.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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