Swing 'M Both

By Ron Buchanan

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
TypeSquare-Keeper, H1 S2 H3 S4
(8) Head couples go forward and back
(2) Heads roll away with a half sashay
(6) 3's stay right there, 1's go forward, split the 3's and go around one
(8) Threesomes basket swing: gent 1 with the lady on either side, lady 1 with the gent on either side; end in lines of three with the 1's (the "most unusual person" in each set) in the center, facing the other three
WHILE the odd two out swing each other and end facing the others (with the lady on the right, thereby trading places)
(8) Lines of three go forward and back
(4) Lines of three go forward again and pass through, rejoin hands (still facing out)
(4) Right hand high and left hand low to turn the lines around
(8) All eight circle left 1/2; at this point you are across from your partner and the left hand lady/right hand gent will be the same every time
(8) With the lady on the left (same person every time) allemande left 1 1/2
(4) Partners pull by right
(4) Corners allemande left
(8) Right and left grand
(8) Promenade home

Author's Notes:
Call for heads/1's, sides/2's, heads/3's and sides/4's.
Teach the chorus first. Start by having opposite ladies trade places (to get into proper position) and having the gents introduce themselves to the lady on the left.
Then teach the figure. At the end of the figure "lady on the left? she's baaack" and walk the chorus again.
Timings are estimates; adapt as necessary.
"Makes beginners out of ringers."

Editor's Notes:
So far to our knowledge nobody has taught or called this dance to this particular sets of notes. We hope the information is complete enough to make this possible and we encourage you to try. The editor and author would be grateful for any suggestions you think would be helpful for others.
Collected from Ron Buchanan January, 1997.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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