By Ron Buchanan

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
TypeSquare-Keeper, H1 S2 H3 S4
A1(8) Heads go forward and back
(8) Heads go forward, pass through, separate and go around two
End in lines of four at the sides, heads on the ends and nearly home
A2(8) Lines of four go forward and back
(8) Forward again, pass through and turn alone
B1(8) "1's take your partner down the center and show them off"
(8) 1's come back up the center, cast off and go around one
B2(8) Lines of four go forward and swing the one across; heads are with their partners, sides are not; end facing the 1's home
(8) "Cast off and follow the leader" (see notes)
A3(16) Leaders (be careful not to call them 1's) meet at the bottom and pull by right to start a progressive right and left grand which ends with everybody home
A4(16) Partners promenade all the way around
B3 & B4Optional break as improvised by the caller (preferably without a grand right and left)

Author's Notes:
Call for heads/1's, sides/2's, heads/3's and sides/4's.
A rag is recommended, to help prevent the dancers from bunching up on the cast off and progressive right and left grand.
In B1: 1's may turn alone or as a couple and the cast off may be assisted or not. Leave it up to the dancers.
In B2: the lead couple is at the end nearest the 1's home; they are not the 1's and are not even partners (but the 1's are right behind them, and so are in a good position to assist--Ed.). Ladies go right, gents go left.
The timing in A3 is idealistic. Unless the dancers are very sharp the progressive right and left grand will probably need more time, which you can sneak out of the promonade or the break that follows.

Editor's Notes:
So far to our knowledge nobody has taught or called this dance to this particular sets of notes. We hope the information is complete enough to make this possible and we encourage you to try. The editor and author would be grateful for any suggestions you think would be helpful for others.
Collected from Ron Buchanan January, 1997.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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