Twelfth Street Rag

By Bob Dalsemer

SourceBob Dalsemer's web site
TypeSquare-Mixer, H H S S
A1(8) All four ladies chain 3/4 (to your corner)
Take a good look at this person; you'll be swinging him/her later
(8) New head ladies chain across
A2(4) Head couples lead out to the right
(4) Circle left halfway with that side couple (end with heads facing in)
(8) With your opposite dosido, keep facing that person and...
B1(4) Pass through
(12) Swing the one you meet (heads who are facing in swing the new opposite, sides who are facing out, swing the one beside you)
B2(12) Promenade to the gents' home

Author's Notes:
Repeat figure once more for the heads and twice for the sides. Intro, middle break and ending are caller's choice. The figure is so named because I often use it as a singing square to that tune.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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