Packing the Boxes

By Becky Nankivell

SourceCDSS News #122, 1995
Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
FormationTriplet: 1's Improper
A1(8) 1s go down through the 3's and cross trail around one to end in middle place, proper, while the 2's move up
(8) Lines of three go forward and back
A2(16) 1's lead contra corners
B1(4) 1's box the gnat; end with gent 1 facing up, lady 1 facing down
(8) 1's pull by and split the ends; lady 1 go left around lady 3, gent 1 go left around gent 2, to end in middle place, proper
(4) Partners box the gnat
B2(8) All six circle left 1/2
(8) Bottom four circle left once around, while the 3's (at the top) swing.
The ending order is 3 1 2.

Author's Notes:
B2 requires the most mental alertness: the 1's (in middle place) should help the 3's (at the top) remember to break out of the circle six to swing. An easier alternative is for all three couples to swing in the second half of B2.
Composed to honor Celia Wright before her move from Tucson, Arizona to Rochester, New York.

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