Flirting with Bobbie Jo

By Seth Tepfer
Composed February 13, 1998

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(6) Down the hall four in line (1's between the 2's)
(2) turn alone
(8) come back up, end in your line of four, facing your neighbor
A2(16) Hey for four, start by neighbors passing right
B1(8) Neighbors gypsy
(8) Neighbors swing
B2(8) Long lines go forward and back
(8) 1's half figure eight
C1(16) 1's lead contra corners
C2(16) 1's balance and swing

Author's Notes:
The band wanted to play a 3 part tune. I took the inimitable "Flirtation Reel" by Tony Parkes, and shoehorned on contra corners.
For experienced dancers, it's an easy dance. I only call it when I'm sure of my crowd.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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