Banish Moral Slop

By Dan Pearl

SourceCDSS News #152, 2000
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1Start in waves of four, gents holding right hands, neighbors holding left
(4) Balance
(4) Advance to 2nd neighbors make a new wave
(4) Balance
(4) 2nd neighbors allemande left 3/4
A2(16) Original neighbors balance and swing
B1(8) Half hey, ladies pass right shoulders to start, end with gents gypsy right to face partner
(8) Partners swing
B2(4) Neighbors take right hands and balance
(4) Neighbors box the gnat
(6) Right-hand star 3/4
(2) Make a wave with new neighbors by giving new neighbor left hand and gents joining right hands in the center

Author's Notes:
This dance was composed for a special benefit event to help preserve for dancing the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo, Maryland. If you like your dance halls large, this is one of the best, with old-time charm and splendid decor. The title is an anagram of "Spanish Ballroom".
The roughest part of the dance is to get those right hands free for the Box the Gnat in B2.
Music suggestions: Kitchen Girl, Dinky's Reel.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
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