Enid's Delight

By Philippe Callens
Composed July 17, 1985

SourcePhillippe Callens, "From a Belgian Yankee Caller"
Leveleasy (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Long lines go forward and back
(8) Neighbors allemande left 1 1/2
A2(8) Ladies chain across
(8) Left-hand star, hands across
B1(8) Promenade CCW along the line in single file, ladies in the lead
(8) Turn around and promenade back, gents in the lead
B2(8) Right-hand star, hands across
(8) Ladies chain across

Author's Notes:
When reaching the end of the set, dancers should continue around he top or bottom into the other line. It is helpful to point out that the right hands across is done with those people you have been dancing with before in that round.
This no-swing contra is recommended as a more sedate number between strenuous dances, one with ah flow that dancers enjoy.
In July 1985 I was given a scholarship by the Lloyd Shaw Foundation. I attended the Rocky Mountain Dance Roundup at Granby, Colarado, where I met Enid Cocke, Lloyd Shaw's granddaughter and president of the Lloyd Shaw Foundation. She is a delightful person and the most elegant round dancer I have ever seen in my life. In this dance written for her on July 17, 1985, I tried to capture that elegance in the nutshell of a contra. We were lucky to have her teaching some of her favorite round dances in Belgium at the AADS Whitsun Dance Weekend June 1992. You haven't round danced until you have waltzed with Enid! One year later, in 1986, when I visited the USA for the second time, I met with Judi and Glen Morningstar (White Lake, Michigan) at Berea (Kentucky), there the three of us were on staff at Kentucky Summer Dance School. We struck up an immediate friendship and have been in touch ever since. Glen and Judi also performed for the Belgian dancers in August 1989. I requested Judi to write a tune that would go with this dance. On November 10, 1986, she composed the tune which bears the same title as the dance and which as been recorded on the Lloyd Shaw label.
Enid's Delight was my first workable dances. To quote Tony Parkes: "It was beginner's luck!". I still consider it as one of my better efforts. It has been used by a wide range of callers and has been published before in "Everybody Swing", in "Designer Music" by Judàche (with the tune), in Don Armstrong's "Dance Workbook", and in some magazines.

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