Golden Thread, The

By Lannie McQuaide
Composed 1988

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
FormationTriple Minor: 1's Improper
A1To begin, 1's face down, 2's and 3's face up
(16) Hey for 3 along the line, 1's and 2's pass right shoulders to start
A2(16) 1's go CCW around the 2's and 3's
B1(8) 1's cast and circle left three
(8) Left-hand star three
B2(8) 1's and 2's allemande left
(8) 1's and 3's dosido

Author's Notes:
When Lloyd Shaw instructed, he told the dancers to imagine a golden thread attached to their breastbones and leading up towards Heaven. By allowing their chests to be drawn up by this thread, they were assured of maintaining good posture while dancing.

Editor's Notes:
These notes are paraphrased from the author's dance description:
Suggested timing in A2:
(6) 1st gent goes down the outside 2 places while 1st lady goes down the center
(2) 1's pass through the line (below the 2's)
(8) 1st gent come up the center while 1st lady come up the outside
B1 begins with: 1's cast (unassisted) to a position outside the set and take hands with the 2's and 3's, who turn to face during the 1's cast
In B2 the allemande should be wide and open; use all of the music

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
Added to database 6/24/2001; edited by Russell Owen