Double Hot Fudge Upside-Down

By Roger Diggle

Levelmed-hard (assigned by the editor)
TypeContra-Double Progression
A1(8) Right-hand star
(8) 1's swing
A2(16) Neighbors balance and swing
B1(8) Circle left
This is the first progression
(8) New neighbors allemande left 1 1/2 (until ladies face in)
B2(16) Hey, ladies pass right shoulders to start

Author's Notes:
A variant of Double Hot Fudge.
A1: The star more often gets fully once around for the Act swing. (Daggone lazy dancers can't circle fast enough sometimes. The result of the slow circle is a truncated partner swing.) I also like the RH Star to swing transition better than The Circle L to swing transition because the circle/swing transition is "wrong-handed." I like circle/swing when Woman is on left, Man on right. I don't like it as well the other way -- though it can be done nicely enough.
There are a couple of nice ways to execute the Star/swing transition. My general-purpose favorite is for the man to reach into the star with his left hand and lift his partner's R hand from his wrist. Then, with a gentle tug from the participants, there's a great transition to the swing. That's why wrist-hold star is preferred. (I know there are those don't like 'em much).
A2: The balance is optional. Balance and swing is easier. But when skilled dancers do the consecutive swings nicely, it's a fabulous transition.
B1: I think the ring breaks the best if everyone turns toward partner when that happens. The transition from the circle to allemande L New N is great! It's more adventurous than the star/ allemande transition of the original, and similar to a transition sometimes found in squares.
B2: Starting a hey for 4 from an allemande on the side of the set (if the speed is right!) is the most natural-feeling transition into a hey, I think.

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