Bye, Bye, Baltimore

By Bob Dalsemer
Composed August, 1991

SourceBob Dalsemer's web site
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(8) Neighbors allemande left 1 1/2
(8) With the next neighbor allemande right 1 1/2
Make long waves, with gents facing in, ladies facing out
A2(4) Balance the wave right and left
(4) Slide right one place, passing in front of the other person and spinning clockwise, in the current style of Rory O'More
(8) Swing original neighbor
B1(8) Circle left 3/4
(8) Partners swing
B2(6) Right and left through (with a courtesy turn!)
(2) Roll away with a half sashay
(8) Gents help the ladies into a right hand star 3/4 (gents follow partners)

Author's Notes:
The roll away with a half sashay is most satisfying when it follows a courtesy turn. Dance might have been called Bye, Bye Balto'more. Introduced at Lovely Lane just before my move to North Carolina in August, 1991.

Editor's Notes:
In B2 I prefer taking a full 8 counts for the right and left through followed by 2 counts for the roll away and 6 for the 3/4 star.

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