Little Tickle

By Mary Ann Tracy

Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(4) Neighbors take inside hands; ladies lead gents across, gents passing right shoulders and taking right hands as they pass. End in a line across, gent 1 and lady 2 facing up, the other two facing down.
(4) Gents allemande right 1/2
(8) Partners swing
A2(4) Ladies lead your partner across, passing left shoulders, gents taking left, ending in a line with the 1's facing down, 2's facing up.
(4) Gents allemande left 1/2
(8) Neighbors swing
B1(16) Hey for four, ladies passing right shoulders to start
B2(8) Neighbors left-shoulder gypsy once (or a quick twice)
(8) New neighbors circle left

Author's Notes:
Written to go with the jig I wrote of the same name, given here in ABC format:
X:1 %Music
T:Little Tickle Jig
C:Mary Ann Tracy
Q:1/4=120 %Tempo
V:1 %
M:6/8 %Meter
L:1/8 %Default note length
gfe fed |B2 G G3 |gfe dBG |E3 E3 |
gfe fed |B2 G G2 D |EGE FDF |G3 G3 ::
e2 e efg |d2 B GAB |c2 A DEF |G2 B d3 |
e2 e efg |d2 B GAB |cAF DEF |G3 G3 :|

Editor's Notes:
To play the tune, save the tune (starting from X:1) to a file named, for instance, "Little" and open in an ABC tune player. One program that I've found works well is the inexpensive shareware program Melody Assistant, which runs on MacOS and Windows.
Warning: at least one program I tried (BarFly 1.1 on MacOS) plays the rhythm incorrectly; if it doesn't sound like a jig then try another program.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
Added to database 5/25/2002; last revised 7/28/2002; edited by Russell Owen