Double Dreydl

By Tony Saletan
Composed December 15, 1987

SourceTony Saletan
Leveleasy (assigned by the editor)
A1(16) Neighbors balance and swing
A2(6) Circle left 3/4
(10) Partners swing
B1(4) Lines of four go down the hall
(4, 4) Turn as couples and come back
(4) 1's face across while the 2's hand cast to face across
B2(8) Circle right
(8) Ladies chain

Author's Notes:
I wrote the dance during Chanukah. The title may be interpreted as referring to the two swings, or the two circles, since both figures go around like a top.
The magic moment in this dance is the transition from the 2s casting counterclockwise (left), flowing into the circle right. Each woman should assist this by pulling her partner into the circle right; dancers are used to the man pulling the woman into a circle left, but he can't gracefully push her into the circle right. Many contras have figures that are particularly fun for the 1s; the cast in "Double Dreydl" gives the 2s a special bonus.

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