Rod's Grits

By Bill Olson
Composed April 13, 2000

Leveleasy-med (assigned by the editor)
A1(4) Neighbors balance (by the right hand)
(4) Neighors box the gnat
(8) Right-hand star
A2(8) Right and left through across (using hands)
(8) Ladies dosido 1 1/2
B1(16) Partners balance and swing
B2(8) Partners promenade across
(6) Circle left 3/4
(2) Pass through along the line

Author's Notes:
This dance uses a figure lifted from a random mixer written by Rick Mohr, that is the right-hand star to right and left through. The Right and Left through is done "the way we do it up here in Maine" USING HANDS. The dance was written 5 minutes before I called it to start the National Callers' Showcase at the Cambridge VFW, April 13, the day before NEFFA 2000. Afterwards Lisa Greenleaf commented, "That'll teach 'em to use hands when doing a right and left through!!" The dance is for Rod Edens, from Greensboro, NC. His house has always been our "home away from home", when down there. Rod alway asks us, "what do you want for breakfast?" We always answer, "Grits, of course!"

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