Cherokee Shuffle

By David Kaynor

Leveleasy-med (assigned by the editor)
A1Face your neighbor and take inside hands with your partner
(8) Lines of two go forward and back
(8) Neighbors dosido
A2(4) Make a ring and balance
(12) Neighbors swing
B1(4) Gents allemande left 1/2
(4) Make a wave of four and balance
(12) Partners swing (shorten for a square tune)
B2(8) Circle left 3/4
(8) Balance the ring twice (only once for a square tune)
(4) Partne California twirl

Author's Notes:
I also use the following variations:
A1: neighbors dosido, circle left
A2: neighbors balance and swing (no ring)
B1: gents allemande left 1/2, partners balance and swing (no wave)
"Cherokee Shuffle" sort of fell together at a Petersham dance. Because my cousin Cammy was late, I was calling. The musicians were remarking on the scarcity of opportunities to play the tune. Some dancers overheard this, whereupon the following observation, which I can quote exactly, was made:
"You'll just have to take extra measures."
Extra measures? ...good heavens, there are an extra two measures in each B part of the tune, and...gasp...a BALANCE takes up two measures... The mysteries of creation.
In actuality, it was really just a matter of tinkering with my only other dance composition, which I had thought up for my first Dawn Dance calling slot at the Shriner's Hall in Brattleboro in (I think) 1981:
A1: neighbors circle left, neighbors dosido
A2: neighbors balance and swing
B1: gents allemande left 1/2, partners swing
B2: right and left through, circle left 3/4, pass through along the line
It worked at 3:00 AM.
(posted to rec.folk-dance October, 1996)
I can not remember when "Cherokee Shuffle" came about, but it was a few years prior to writing "Mary Cay's Reel". Maybe back around 1982 or so.
(from email January 29, 1997)

Editor's Notes:
The tune "Cherokee Shuffle" has an extra four beats in B1 and B2; the instructions include modifications for use with a square tune.
Collected from George Marshall July, 1993.

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