Equal Opportunity

By Jeffrey Spero
Composed May 25, 1992; last revised March, 1993

Source"(southern) California Twirls", ed. by James Hutson and Jeffrey Spero
Levelmed (assigned by the editor)
A1(4) Down the hall four in line (1's between the 2's)
(4,6) 1's turn as a couple, 2's turn alone and come back
(2) Bend the line to a ring of four
A2(4) Balance the ring
(6) Circle left 3/4
(6) Gents half figure eight up through the ladies (1st gent leads)
B1(8) 1's chain to same-sex neighbor
(8) Half hey, 1's pass right shoulders to start
B2(16) 1's gypsy and swing while the 2's move up the hall slowly

Author's Notes:
This dance was written following a wonderful experience at the 1992 Santa Barbara Sprung Floor Weekend. I was dancing down the hall with a good friend from Berkeley, and when we turned around to dance back up the hall (NOT crossed over, naturally!), I experienced the joy of chaining into a hey from the ladies perspective. It's a beautiful thing, a joy that gents rarely get a chance to appreciate. This dance was written to allow gents to experience that pleasure.
Although this appears to be a difficult dance, I have found that it works well with a beginner to intermediate crowd, while pleasing the experienced dancers with its quirkiness.
The March, 1993 revision was by James Hutson

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
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