Family Waltz


Leveleasy (assigned by the editor)
TypeCircle Mixer
A1(6) Go into the center and return
(6) Roll away with a half sashay (gents roll ladies from left to right)
(36) Repeat three more times, each time with a new corner and partner. On the last time, gents roll the corner into ballroom position.
A2(48) Waltz, ending in a ring with the lady on the right

Editor's Notes:
Gents start on left foot, ladies on right (hence one begins by moving towards one's corner). For the roll away gents roll the lady on the left (corner) to the right, trading places with her. Acknowledge corner and partner during the balances, and make the roll away graceful with plenty of eye contact.
The music should be at a moderate tempo so there is sufficient time to enjoy the balances.
A waltz tune of 64 bars will be two times through the dance.
Collected from Gordon Tracey, with help remembering from Lars Saxegaard and Art Hare.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line
Added to database 10/31/1998; last revised 3/5/1999; edited by Russell Owen