Harmony Supper Table, The

By Jim Saxe
Composed January, 1987

Leveleasy-med (assigned by the editor)
A1(4,12) Neighbors balance and swing
A2(8) Gents allemande left 1 1/2
(8) Partners swing
B1(6) Down the hall four in line
(2,8) Turn as couples and come back
B2(8) Right and left through
(6) Circle left 3/4
(2) Pass through along the line

Author's Notes:
The San Francisco Folk Music Club marks the New Year with an annual music camp held at Camps Campbell and Harmon, redubbed "Camp Harmony" for the occasion. I wrote this dance and "The Harmony Supper Line" in the dining hall one evening during the 1986/87 camp.
I used the first half of Kirston Koths' dance "Triskaidekaphobia," but replaced the second half (a variant of Fred Field's "Symmetrical Force") with simpler figures. The last time through, I usually call B2 as:
(4) Pass through across the set
(12) Partners swing

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